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Ombre spray for nails acryl powder 12 color 5g nail product with amazing gradient effect nail art

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Product Description
NEW HOT Quick Ombre spray for nails 12 color 5g with amazing gradient babyboomer effect nail art nail acrylic powder

Do you always have problems with the highly requested Shadow Effects? Do you always get that nasty detachment line between the two colors and not happy with the shade?
Would you like a more precise shade that is the same on all nails for your Baby Boomers??
Ombre Spray is the breakthrough and the solution to all these problems
Try it now! We promise that the beautiful and elegant Baby Boomer effect will no longer be a problem and the Ombre effect will always be flawless and the gradient very easy to create.

How to use it?
Using Ombre Spray is very simple, you just have to remember that the powder sticks to a NOT polymerised product.
Apply your favorite color or your favorite colored base in 2 layers to have a covering effect, cure completely for 90 seconds in a UV/LED lamp.
Then apply a transparent base, with a thin layer, and spray spray shadows to create the nuance.
When you’re satisfied, cure in lamp for 90 sec in UV/LED Lamp
The base will cure setting powder.
If you want a more opaque and intense effect, apply another thin layer of base and spray Ombre Spray again, polymerize completely and then seal with your favorite Top.
With the application of the Top your shade will be even more beautiful.
Remember to shake very well after each use!
Your shades have never been so beautiful, simple and fast!