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FTMA003 Super Popular, Different Styles, Soft Gel Nail Tips in stock

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Model: FTMA003
Net content: 258g
Category: Nail Tools
Is it a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Style: 01 oval medium
 550ct box,02 long stiletto 440ct box,03 french bamboo 440ct box,04 medium almond 550ct box,05 long coffin 440ct box,06 oval medium 550ct box,07 medium square 550ct box,08 long coffin 550ct box,09 medium stiletto 550ct box,10 short trapezoid 550ct box,11 long stiletto 440ct box,12 french bamboo 440ct box,13 short stiletto 550ct box,14 medium coffin 550ct box,15 short trapezoid 550ct box,16 medium almond 550ct box,17 medium stiletto 550ct box,18 oval medium 550ct box,19 long coffin 550ct box,20 medium stiletto 550ct box,21 medium square 550ct box,22 short coffin 550ct box
Specification: 500pcs
Packing Quantity: 100
Product packaging: boxed