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FDMC009 Hot Nail Sequins, Nail Gold and Silver Glitter, Heart Butterfly Patch Set

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Model: FDMC009
Material: Alloy
Number of packing: 100
Color: mixed color
Square period: 24 months
Net content: 20g
Category: nail sequins
Specification:M1,M3,M4,M5,M6,M7,M9,M10,M11,M12,M13,M14,M15,M16,M17,M18,M19,M20,M21,M22,M23,M24,M25,M26,M27,M28,M29,M31,M33,M34,M35,M38,M39,M40,HB01,HB02,HB03,Butterfly Sequenant Set